Cozy Winter Vintage Baby Quilt

 This is one of those quilts turned out exactly right.  So many quilts take a wrong turn somewhere, but of course I don't know it till it's too late, or sometimes I never quite know why I don't love them.  But this one, is just all my favorite things, even though it is nothing too exciting design-wise.

I used two widths of strips, 2.5", and 3.5".  I cut each piece into one of these widths, and then any varying length.  Such an easy quilt to put together, and looks so unpretentious and scrappy.

The fabrics are a large variety, with a lot of Denyse Schmidt mixed in of course.  I ordered a fat quarter bundle of her Winter Walk collection, and really love some of the prints.  It's a mystery to me why more online shops are not carrying her latest collections?  Or maybe I just don't know where to look... Is there less demand for her fabrics?  I find them to be perfect for vintage style that still has an up to date feel to it.

Selvedge Quilt

This finish feels so good!  I started making these selvedge blocks oh, maybe 5 years ago?  Then the quilt top sat for a few years.  About a year ago I made a backing out of a bunch of smaller pieces of bright rainbow fabrics.  Then it sat basted and waiting for quilting.  Until I need those safety pins badly enough that I just had to quilt it!  Of course this one will be staying here, as it's one of those that are most valuable to the maker.

It ends up at about twin size, and I like the way it looks.  These days selvedges are even more cool than they were when I saved all of these.  Now they have fun sayings and so much variety.  But even so, I don't save them anymore.  Maybe I should be?  I just don't know if I want another quilt made from selvedges, and what else should I make out of them?  Pincushions is one thing that would work...hmmm...

Simply Retro Adorn

The star in this quilt is the Adorn star from the book Simply Retro.  I've been slowly making the quilts in this book, and here's my version of this one.  It was a one star mini quilt, but I wanted to make it into a baby size quilt so I added more white space around it, and then a few flying geese for a bit of interest.

I enjoyed piecing this star, and think that a whole quilt made out of them would be lovely.  I've got two more quilts to go in this book, and actually they are both almost complete.  (I made them both smaller). 

I've already got my eyes on another book that I'd like to go through next, as I've quite enjoyed this project.

Scrappy Blue Quilt

The reason this quilt came to be is that I had sold the last 'boy' baby quilt in my shop.  With the need to replenish, I of course chose to make a scrappy trip around the world pattern again.  I love the look of the simple squares with a bit of a diamond design to keep it interesting.  My main reason though is that I just love the process of making these blocks.  I think I should make another large one.  This pattern would lend itself well to major scrappiness in color. 

I quite like this simple quilt, the colors are soothing yet happy.  At 3 blocks by 3 blocks, it goes together very quickly and ends up at 41" square.  Perfect size for baby and to use regular cotton yardage as backing without needing to piece.